We have chosen this property as our signature home because it encompasses in this one property the range of work we do. The internal layout of the home was to be substantially altered and a new modern addition was designed to the rear to create a living space to embrace the private sunny rear garden. This was a heritage zoned property and many features needed to be retained and or reintroduced to meet council requirements.

Given the extent of the changes required and our commitment to a quality rebuild Artisan proposed we remove all but the front and side walls of the original home. This was a cost effective means to get a high quality product that incorporated all the features of the old bungalow while embracing the performance and building standards of a new home. This home now features in a contemporary book titled Bungalow – from heritage to contemporary. The street appearance of a “restored” older home belies the rebuild that has taken place. This is a beautiful home that has retained has the essence of the bungalow era but has been transformed into a modern masterpiece. Some years later we were invited to come back and complete the project with a new garage, basement development and landscape work to match. Job done!